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Dropshipping and Your Business

Here at Smoke Purer Dropship, we offer series of ‘CSV’ files which allow you to build your store inventory based upon the stock which Smoke Purer currently offers within the drop ship programme.

If you are looking to integrate our Dropship products into your website or business, you will need to understand ‘CSV’ files, which stands for ‘Comma-Separated Values’. Upon logging into your Dropship account, you will find the CSV Export links under the heading “Your Web Options”.

These links are as follows:-

1.Product Inventory

Use this to import the Smoke Purer stock inventory into your Database. This file contains the information on products we allow for export including sku, Name, price and quantity. You should look to import this on a weekly or daily basis purely for the interaction of adding products utilising the SKU set.

2.Simple SKU

This is simple CSV containing two columns, SKU and Quantity. You should look to import this into your shop setup frequently, eg. Every 5 or Every 10 minutes. Your own website integration should look to match SKU to quantity updating.

3. Product Imagery

This CSV contains two columns. SKU and Product Image path. This path is relative to our current setup, so you can utilise in your own eCommerce tools to link these product image files paths to your own folder structure. Your tool may even allow to pull images from Dropship, you will need to prepend the image path in order to facilitate this.

Your last link under ‘Your Web Options’ is for a Product Imagery ‘zip’ file which you can download in order to access product imagery available in the zip and upload to your chosen destination.

Now in order to use the above CSV files, you are going to need to either use an import tool or have your own script written to import the CSV into your website structure. If you have no previous usage of CSV importing, we recommend you speak to your web developer or consult with a professional in order to setup your feed link correctly.

For your review, we’ve collated some links which may help you in order to integrate CSV files into various eCommerce platforms. We’ve linked to the various eCommerce platform and their marketplaces. The below information is supplied only in guide fashion and you should make your own decision regarding how you integrate our CSV into your platforms.

We supply every product in the inventory as a single product. This means if we sell ‘Product A’ in a variety of colours like (Red, Blue, Yellow and Black), each one of these four colours is supplied as a separate product. If you plan to use ‘Options’ at your website, you will want a import tool or write a process which can link these products as a ‘configurable or multset’ product. You will find these products handily referenced in SKU set by an extension of colour like “sp100-blue” and “sp100-yellow” for example.

Please note that dependant on what Platform you use, on importing of CSV you will complete a procedure known as ‘mapping’ in order to place our CSV data into various matching columns within your website structure. If you are unsure of your database columns, you should consult your eCommerce platform documents in order to understand how your data is currently being saved for your website.

Smoke Purer takes no responsibility for the use/misuse of the below plugin and guide recommendations and they should be used at your own caution - back-up your systems before trailing new plugins/modules.
If you do use a third party plugin, please consult with the developer regarding the interaction and usage of your setup before and during use of their software. Smoke Purer is not responsible for interactivity of plugins & modules on external websites:-






If you can’t find your Platform above, it may be that CSV Importing and Exporting is not currently possible. Checkout your Platform’s documentation.

Please note that some of the above link plugins may require you to write a cron process or apply a scheduled task in your webserver setup. Again consult your web developer or speak with one of the plugin creators regarding this if you are unsure and always try to test the plugins before you commit to any purchase with them to ensure they are fit for your website purpose and any potential conflicts with plugins you may already be running.

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